cPanel File Manager

If you want to upload files quicker, and have more options as well as control we recommend using a FTP Program.

Starting Out

To access file manager login to your control panel and once inside click "file manager"

A new window should load showing what you would see as if you were using a ftp client. There's going to a bunch of folders and some other files related to your account functioning correctly. Do not delete any of these files/folders ever.


To begin uploading you will always first go inside the "public_html" folder. To do so click the folder icon (not the wording). Once clicked you will be in the main folder of your site where you can upload your content, create more folders, and delete what you please. To upload, click "upload files" You will then click the browse button until you find the file on you computer that you wish to upload.

When you are done uploading you can click the "back" at the bottom of the screen to take you back to your main folders.


To edit a file just click the text wording of its' name. The right hand side will allow you to show file, delete file, edit file, change permissions, rename file, copy file, and move file.

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