I didn't get my welcome email or have since lost it how can I have it resent?

If you never received your welcome email, it's because you signed up using a non-working email or your spam filter blocked it. Please check your spam folder, if it's not there, make sure to whitelist sales@rangehosting.us and support@rangehosting.us before requesting it again.

If you need your welcome email resent, please send an email to
billing@rangehosting.us saying your domain, username, password, and that you would like your welcome email to be resent.

NOTE: The only thing you need your welcome email for is your site's IP address and name servers. If you have this, please do not request it again. Just go to http://www.rangehosting.us/static/gettingstarted.htm. This link contains all information on how to get started with your account at RangeHosting.us.

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